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Conditions of Use

Use the website according to the provisions of these Terms and Use, taking into account the rights and advantages, including intellectual property rights, of third parties.

Do not post information that violates the current laws, as well as information containing calls for violence, discrimination, or insulting people on racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, social, political grounds.

Indicate true data on the website, as well as inform the Administration about changes in the data provided.

Not to take actions leading to overflow of e-mail of other Users and the Administration, in particular, sending advertising messages is not allowed.

The User expresses his consent to receive notifications via e-mails to the e-mail address indicated by the User during registration, as well as notifications in the browser by changing the settings of his Account. The User also has the right to refuse to get any notifications by changing the settings of his Account.

It is possible to post referral links and promotional codes, as well as private announcements about the sale of goods and services on the website.

Administration rights

Replace, delete or add affiliate identifiers in the links posted in reviews.

Restrict to any User the possibility of commenting, voting, adding Publications, including using pre-moderation.

Block, change, move and delete without warning information on the website.

Close the user’s account, emails, and other materials at its discretion, including in the absence of violations of the terms of this agreement.

Block User accounts that violate the intellectual rights of the Administration, other Users or third parties.

User registration

To realize the possibility of unlimited use of the website by the User, the creation of the User Account is required. When registering, the User is obliged to provide complete, acute and reliable personal information on the issues indicated in the registration form.

The user is solely responsible for the safety of the data entering while creating his account (login and password) and is not entitled to transfer this data to third parties. If the User finds out the activity of third parties using the User’s login and password, the user is obliged to immediately inform the Administration.

The user has the right to contact the Administration with a request to deactivate the account. Publications, comments and other materials posted by the User after deactivation of the Account are not deleted.


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