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Category: Healthcare

Drug Interactions Checker

Modern medicine is impossible without modern drugs. Unfortunately, some drugs have a dangerous pair – medicines that cause side effects when taken together! BM Pharmacy brings to your attention an important list of drugs, the combination of which represents a danger to human health and even human life. 11 Dangerous and Deadly Drug Combinations Antibiotics…

Choosing High Blood Pressure Medications

There is no course treatment for hypertension. If blood pressure increases, then this diagnosis will follow you constantly. Treating hypertension on the principle to drink drugs only when blood pressure is high is even worse than not taking any drugs at all since in this case, sudden changes in pressure can trigger strokes and heart…

Why Child’s Immunizations Are Important

In modern life, there is a high possibility of the rapid spread of various infections among children. Vaccination is the most effective preventative technology The most reliable and time-tested means of preventing infectious diseases is vaccination, the purpose of which is to develop immunity to microbes in the body with the help of specially designed…

Medication Management: Taking Drugs the Right Way

Pills, medicines, and capsules will bring you more benefits and will not cause trouble if taken correctly. It would seem that it’s easy: you take a pill, wash it down with tea or coffee, and you’re done! In fact, medication management should be streamlined and strictly controlled. Good rules to follow to take your medications safely Discuss the upcoming drug treatment…

Five Things to Know About Flu Season

Runny nose, headache, fever, broken condition… If you believe the statistics, 95% of all infectious diseases are the so-called colds, or rather, SARS and flu. But is the disease really the inevitable companion of the autumn-winter season, or does effective prevention of flu and colds really exist? Prevention of flu in the cold season Of…


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