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Tips for Taking ED Medication More Effectively

Take You ED Drugs Correctly

Erectile problems have ceased to be isolated cases, today many men experience difficulties in sex life after the age of 30. This may be due to the wrong lifestyle, lack of exercise, bad habits, poor nutrition and lack of sleep. Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are ED drugs that can really help a lot. But do not forget that these potent remedies must be used correctly. Otherwise, they will be useless. BM Pharmacy has made up a list of recommendations for taking ED drugs.

11 tips on taking Viagra, Cialis, Levitra

  1. When taking drugs to increase potency, be confident in the result but don’t get your hopes too high as these tablets increase blood flow and lower the sensitivity of the organ, rather than increase libido. Therefore, if you are nervous, you may experience tension, anxiety, and stress, which will cause a decrease in libido and the pills will lose some of their strength;
  2. In order for these drugs to produce a healing effect, you will most likely need to drink them regularly (about 5-10 times). Then you can try to have sex without them or reduce the dosage;
  3. Do not mix these pills with other medications. Be sure to read the instructions for use, find out contraindications, as ED pills are medicine and they need to be used with caution;
  4. Try to take these medicines when you are physically and emotionally full of energy. If you are tired, they may not help, and this can damage the relationship with your woman (if she is not aware of your ailments);
  5. Be sure to drink water after taking the pill so that the body is not dehydrated during sex. Dehydration can cause headaches, severe fatigue and even muscle cramps;
  6. The effect also depends on the weight of the person, especially on the excess fat. If you want to get the maximum pleasure from sex, you need to eat healthy food and do physical exercises;
  7. We recommend you to avoid alcohol or limit its consumption when taking pills, sometimes it leads to the opposite effect;
  8. Do an intimate massage – and you will get many times more experiences from sex;
  9. Practice breathing deeply and calmly during a date. This will give strength and confidence that will serve as a catalyst for the drug and enhance its effect;
  10. Combine a few rules or follow them all, but remember that usually, erectile problems are related to the state of the psyche, and not to physical illness;
  11. Do not “play” with ED drugs if you are young and have no problems. It’s wrong to use such tablets with the purpose of surprising your partner. This is an unnecessary risk and you should not poison yourself with pills. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra are not dangerous and really help when they are used correctly. But as soon as you abuse the drugs, problems begin.
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Despite the above tips, you must always carefully read the instructions for use, consult your doctor and listen to the sensations of your own body. If you prefer self-healing, you are fully responsible for the possible negative consequences for your health.


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